The Ongoing Debate

In World Wide Links we are aware that lawyers and law firms pursue their goals to bring justice using the technologies they have available as the law is always making concessions and conceiving new regulations that create new forms to asset evidence admissible on a court of law. Modern legal rules have been shaped by new technology that has allowed the truth to come forward in many cases where no single shred of physical evidence could be provided, with modern science being developed to back it up. The problem for the law is that science has a fast and steady pace that renders obsolete the rules conceived for regulating their own creations in a perpetual cycle that never seems to end. As creations of science, technologies can’t slow down for the sake of the law. In World Wide Links we firmly believe that the law is needed to catch up faster. Regulations and prosecutions are not something that should take years for the sake of a logical argument. A dialog might be in place between lawmakers and scientists, but this scenario is always a cause for controversy especially when it comes to medical treatments that could save people of incurable illnesses or untreatable injuries. There is no social discipline out of the reach of technology. Certainly, fields like biology, medicine, computer science, engineering, economics, statistics, and social sciences rely on improved tech to obtain precise results. Why the law can’t?

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