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World Wide Links and The Link Between Technology and Legal Procedures

The sudden appearance of the internet in the early 90’s made it pretty clear that the whole legal game had a lot of catch up to do pretty fast. These days anybody claiming a lack of relationship between law and technology is somebody running pretty naive arguments. More to the point: In World Wide Links we have realized that there is a symbiotic relationship between law and everything we do in the real world and on the internet as well. The web is linked to science since it has given us the means to access new resources, as well as tools, devices, and software to improve our living conditions.

The direct relation between law and technology right now is a two-sided point edged sword. On one side we rely on the law is to regulate the reach of technology, on the other side, the law requires technologies to find the means to make proper justice. The consequences as you can expect is the struggle of the law everywhere to keep up with the changes brought by new technologies. The fact that the enforcement of law depends on governments also places a considerable barrier in their ability to get the best out of it. We can put the blame on bureaucracy on that one.