The Current State of Affairs

World Wide Links is aware that too many law firms are using new technologies to increase their reach and have a more in-depth understanding of the social causes of the cases that have to go to a court of law. This occurrence is a reflection of a broader business economy where these ongoing occurrences, as well as the new technological developments, bring change and vast economic benefits as well as new, modern work structures. This is not an uncommon scenario, and it’s usually referred by sociologists as “the gig economy,” because it encompasses the way someone undertakes the tasks given to them on a place where temporary positions are a rule of thumb, to offer an example. Many organizations work this way now: they hire freelance workers and keep relationships on a short-term basis.

A study handled by the Oxford University reveals how technology and existing law can work on the creation of practical means to solve most of society’s legal problems by creating new platforms that filter what is perceived as disruptive innovation from the actual science that is there to help people. The study also considers the principles of the gig economy and the way it helps to build the relationship between a lawyer and his clients. The scenarios since the induction of our legal system leave a track of poor results that are certainly a cause for embarrassment, even if the number of successes outweighs them.

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